Friday, July 17, 2009

The Age Of Innocence Is Over

The Mother Goddess .
Needs our help.

I am proud of who I am! No one will ever take that from me. I choose to be pagan druid wiccan call me what you will I call myself a Child of Nature!! Because to The Mother Goddess we are all her children.

In a nutshell, the pagan religion is that of being envolved in the cycles of nature and giving thanks.
Men and women were once equal in power and status
as they lived in egalitarian groups. They knew the secrets of herbal medicine, mid-wifry, and the cycles of nature. This knowledge was passed on by verbal teaching,experience,songs, dances, and rites and rituals.

Today we have wisemen and women like the Shamens, Depoke, Dahli Lama, and we did have Mother Teresa.

Keep thinking things out and get good reliable information. You may find that you are more Pagan than you think!

I would like to see what everyone's Craft / Pagan name is. This will be fun .
So what is your Craft/Pagan name. My Pagan name is

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